“Sarvodaya” (सर्वोदय) is a beautiful and meaningful Sanskrit word that translates “upliftment of all” or “universal upliftment.” It symbolizes the idea of holistic and inclusive approach to community development.  “Sarvodaya” has historical and philosophical roots, particularly in the context of India and its socio-political movements. The term gained prominence in the Indian independence movement and later became associated with social and economic ideals. Gandhiji envisioned a society where the welfare of all individuals is prioritized, and he used the term “Sarvodaya” to express the idea of universal upliftment. Multiple RCME avenues coming together. Project spanning multiple Rotary years (3 years to start with)

  1. Improve Quality of education in schools and GER (Gross Enrolment Ratio) in higher education in the villages
  2. Increase income of population through targeted livelihood and skill development program
  3. Holistic development of Young Children through interventions in ICDS / Anganwadis
  4. Healthcare: Strengthen ICDS and PHCs; Quality of PHCs and GH; Community Mental health programs
  5. Improve access to quality water and sanitation
  6. Create Community Assets | Physical and Social
  7. Promote Sustainability | Eco Parks, Gardens, Tree plantation, Organic Farms, etc.