Idli Soda – The 1st ever Fusion Music Festival in Chennai

Music appeals to the mind, nourishes the senses, evokes the deepest feelings in the heart and sometimes takes you into bliss.Music permeates the self and goes beyond religion, caste, creed and unites every soul to its truest self.When such is the power of music, its only natural that Rotary that has involved itself in healing the world through service and is also beyond religion caste or creed should have a music festival. The ethos is the same, healing is the intent and making lives better, the motto

It’s a FUSION of belief’s, faith, behaviour, and life. Rotary Club of Madras East presents you “IDLISODA”, the Madras Fusion Music Festival

It is with great pleasure that we are launching IDLI SODA, the fund raiser of RCME on the 18th & 19th of February 2023.

With bands from all genres, we are sanguine that it will appeal to every music lover. Amongst the 8 bands that are contracted to perform during the 2 day festival are “Thaikudam Bridge, Indian Ocean, Swarathma, Pradeep Kumar”. The two day festival will host 7 workshops on vocal, instruments and music tech. Over 20 cuisines are being curated to ensure a gastronomic delight. We are expecting over 10000 people in the audience over the two days.

Why a Fusion Festival ?

Chennai is transforming into an eclectic mix of puritans and nexgen listeners Carnatic landscape is changing with in creasing young listeners Independent music is much sought after with bands having following of over 5 million on social media Chennai is the music capital of India attracting listeners interested in all genres of music

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