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Lake restoration

Urbanisation has fast eaten up the abundant water bodies that surrounded chennai, depleting the ground water in the city. This project aims at restoring one of the lakes and bringing like back around it.

These lakes, when restored, can impact and improve life of more than 6000 families and 650 acres of agricultural land.  

Lake 1:

  1. Size of the lake- 135 acres 
  2.  Aprroximate Budgeted cost – Rs.1,00,00,000/-
  3. Number of beneficiaries – 2000 households

The restoration work will be carried out by an experienced team, approved by the Government of India, which has undertaken work and scientifically restored 130 water bodies in 12 states.

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Solar Power

Let us help trap the most abundantly available renewable natural energy source and not only bring light to homes and reduce the recurring cost of environmental protection by reducing carbon emission by enabling a shift to solar power.

 Approximate Budgeted Cost Rs.50,00,000/-

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Solid Waste Management

What we throw out has a huge impact on what we eat and drink. Disposal of waste has been a subject of immediate importance across the globe, where governments and NGOs work towards a sustainable system of collection, segregation and treatment of waste by bringing awareness at the generation point. This project aims at making an impact at various stages. 

Approximate Budgeted cost-.20,00,000/-

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Urban Miyawaki Forest

This Japanese style of forestry that has worked well in cities with dense population, Mayawati forest requires less space and turnaround time yet bring a huge change in the aesthetic appearance of the region as well as improve the air quality. 

Approximate Budgeted Cost Rs.25,00,000/-